The Heavens Declare the Glory of God, the Firmament the Work of His Hand

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God, the Firmament the Work of His Hand

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Removing God and prayer from public schools, court rooms and government buildings in the name of “separation of church and state” has done just that. It has separated the church, the body of the LORD Jesus Christ from all walks of life. And now, we are reaping what we have sown.

Slashing and shootings in public schools and on military bases. Terrorist threats, the unexplained disappearance of aircraft, Islam methodically moving ahead with their plans for total dominance.

Pastor Bill Randles writes ~
“Jihad, Shariah, al Taqqiya, terms once foreign, now all to familiar. Through the combination of the folly of immigration policy and multiculturalism’s destruction of western civilization’ confidence, Muslims have never seen better prospects for their long coveted subjugation of the western world.

Billions spent on security, countless hours spent waiting at checkpoints in airports and other transportation hubs, removing shoes, having magnetic images made of our naked bodies so that we won’t have to profile the adherents of a murderous ideology.

Violence has always been a factor in human history, but several factors contribute to my [Bill Randles] sense that the Red Horse is riding across the world. The heavy levels of immigration, legal and illegal contributes to increased levels of ethnic violence, crime, and the overall balkanization of whole populations, especially in the west. The entertainment media is saturated with violence. Children can soak themselves in vicarious murder and mayhem through the various video games, which are often a virtual orgy of violence. Even our athletics are hearkening more and more to the gladiatorial days, as cage fighters, the obscene parody called pro wrestling, and Ultimate fighting becomes ever more popular.

The acceptance of abortion as birth control is itself a phenomena of immense violence. Why should any be surprised by a Kermit Gosnell, whose “clinic” was raided after he botched one too many abortions and killed two of his “patients.” It was discovered that he had actually brought eight babies to term and murdered them with a pair of scissors. His squalid “women’s Health center” was overlooked numerous times by Philadelphia health inspectors. Why? They wouldn’t want to inhibit abortion in any way, thus this animal was allowed to practice “medicine” for years on the poor and ignorant.

Should we be surprised at the judgments overtaking us? The crime waves, terrorism, illegal immigration and the lawlessness that it engenders, are all manifestations of the Red Horse of violence who takes peace from the earth. The homo-sexualization of society on every level portends violence as well. In spite of the best efforts to disguise this unseemly aspect of the perversion, the truth can’t be long hidden. Sexual perversion is violent, even murderous. The Bible doesn’t portray homosexuals as ‘poor, oppressed and bullied minorities,” but as violently depraved sinners, who will stop at nothing to fulfill their lusts.

There will be no “Age of Aquarius” or any sort of humanistic utopia fashioned by our godless elite in spite of their best efforts. Already the Red Horse of violence is riding, and the only relief will be found in the new Ark, the person and work of our LORD Jesus Christ.”


  1. How true...may we all pray for strength, and keep our minds fixed on eternal things. We also need to cry out for loved ones, and sinners everywhere. Christ is coming again, do we really believe that?