The Heavens Declare the Glory of God, the Firmament the Work of His Hand

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God, the Firmament the Work of His Hand

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Find it interesting that "Christians" have time for basketball and soccer practice, working late or going out to dinner with friends - but not for bible reading. Interesting also there is time for boy scout and PTA meetings - but no time for prayer meetings.

A “Christian” friend, from the church we attended before moving across the state, was sending prayer requests from the church via email - a wonderful way to share prayer needs within his local body as well as those not a part of that body of believers, yet strong prayer warriors nonetheless. Perhaps he found it too unimportant, too time consuming or perhaps too uninteresting, but for whatever reason about a week ago he sent an email asking for someone to take over the responsibility. After about a week a nice lady in the church volunteered to take it over. She works full time, often traveling with her job, takes care of her aging in-laws who live with her and her husband, heads the children’s ministry at the church and plays in the band. Whew!!

Since that time he has sent out two emails to those of us who were receiving the prayer request. The first, a very long blog post from a blog he has started, a day or two later another email arrived, this one - a photo of a dog and cat with an invitation to join him either on Face book or Twitter - can‘t remember which as I chose to do neither.

Perhaps I am too knit picky, too critical, too insensitive or too judgmental. Or perhaps this man needs our prayers that the Holy Spirit will direct him to help establish more biblically sound priorities.

I’m open to correction.


  1. For one thing, sports have become a virtual god to most Americans. And that's why they don't complain when their children's sports teams have games on Sunday forcing them to miss church attendance. As a Sunday School teacher for high schools for 10 years, I dealt with that on a regular basis, and it didn't matter how often I discussed where the priority should lie, I was told the sports were priority.

    Too many activities are just like that - they have become gods to most people.

  2. How tragic that "Christians" would rather cheer for their favorite sports team, spend time in useless pursuits rather than pray and worship our Creator. And we wonder why America is on a downward slide!!!

  3. I am unable to attend our church on a regular basis due to my health issues, but when I do go, I am fed by the Word of God. I honestly don't see how an able-bodied person can justify missing church for sports. As Glenn Chatfield has stated, they have become a god to so many people. I see on the news of stadiums filled with snow-covered people and wonder .. would they sit in the snow to hear the Bible preached? Definitely not. May God have mercy on us. And we wonder 'what's wrong with the church?'

  4. Thanks Louise for your insightful comments. Find it interesting that Sunday night church activities were postponed or cancelled due to Super Bowl Sunday. This is not good.!!!!.