The Heavens Declare the Glory of God, the Firmament the Work of His Hand

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God, the Firmament the Work of His Hand

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Saturday, February 13, 2016

"The dates are set, times have been determined. You will see My hand sweeping across one nation after another as My judgements pour forth. Eyes will see and fill with tears for what is being done and what could have been avoided. My people have chosen disobedience and rebellion and now their fate has been determined. Time after time after time I called, but seldom did My people hear or respond. In pursuit of the bobbles of this life they have ignored My still small voice. Oh, they knew it was Me, but responded with silence or 'wait' or 'later' not knowing now is the time, now is the hour of their salvation. 

Unholy alliances have been made by the fallen among My people. The walls you have made to separate you from Me will begin to crumble. Fierce opposition will come to My children. As walls crumble, you will be blamed, maligned and tested greatly. Each day brings conflict as you take a stand for truth; standing against the evils of the world disguised as popularity, power, position, convenience and christianity.  My Son rules and reigns in the hearts of millions; His goodness shines forth on many fronts. But, satan too has his followers, be aware! Many hearts are far from Me yet they remain content, filled with the joy this world offers.

My children, seek Righteousness, seek Truth, seek to walk closer to Me, seek My anointing. Do not seek for what you do not have, seek after Me. I will give you what you need. Your hope must be in Me alone, none other will suffice. Do not walk in your own understanding. Begin to hear clearly My message. Recognize the truth from the false and speak when error is proclaimed, do not allow your silence to bring shame to My Son. Remain silent no longer. Dangerous days of uncertainty soon come upon the nations. Strength will wain for those whose hope rests on them alone."

 "Blessed are all who fear the LORD, who walk in obedience to Him." Psalms 128:1

"Now then, my children, listen to me; blessed are those who keep My ways." Proverbs 8:32

"For the sake of my brothers and my friends, I will now say: ' May peace be within you.'" Psalms 122:8



  1. Wayne Broadstone from Tennis SeaFebruary 13, 2016 at 10:25 AM

    The forerunner of the Laodicean church dominates the nation of America. It has been vaccinated with another gospel. Only mercy embedded in Righteous judgment will awaken a sedated, lukewarm people. The Word of God will stand. Will you????

    1. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. LORD bless

    2. Yes.I say that verse everyday..God Bless reading you me hope.

    3. Blessed be The Name of our LORD.

    4. "reading you me hope." I've read people here who say that reading here gives them FEAR. Unfortunately, it was useless fear. They had nothing to fear. Nothing spoken here was going to come true anyway. Every word that can be tested here has fallen short. So, it is groundless fear mongering in the name of God. Tends to give God a bad reputation among those who think the words might have actually been from God. Hopefully they will dry up for they are certainly dry of nourishment and dry of truth. I look at this site, and I see that there have been years and years of false wells of predictions of judgment that go way way back that never happened. How sad and truly pathetic that the words keep coming, as vain as they are.

  2. Ali, thank you for your Message. I feel the need to apologize to you for questioning and expressing my doubts of your past Messages (1 or 2). I should have waited for the Lord. I know your job is already difficult. You do not need someone like me to make any doubting comments. I already deleted the comment. Please forgive me. May God be with you Sister Ali and may He continue to use you to expand His Kingdom. Glory be to God. Amen. Amen. Amen.

    1. Alex, thank you very much. You were forgiven before you ask. With each negative comment I pray Holy Spirit will shine truth into all of our hearts, and pray we will all receive His revelation. He loves and cares for His own. LORD bless you and thank you again.

    2. Why do you fell sad for having questioned the words here when not a single one of them came true. Even the prophet and her closest friends here cast about for shards of truth in the events of the news but find nothing that fits the actual words. Maybe the actual words have no meaning and do not matter and, so, that is why they don't mind finding bad events that have no relationship to the actual events that were described and then saying, "Ta, da. it happened."

      You'd think they'd notice that, if they have to cast about so much in the news to try to come up with a scrap here or there for their scrapbook that was almost bad enough to, at least, fit the scariness of the prediction, that they'd say, "This wasn't really that scary or that heartbreaking for the nation, or it would be all over the news, and I'd have not trouble finding it at all."

      Not only do they search vainly to find a fit, but what they finally present is a laughable match at best. You cannot even wrestle it and contort it into fitting the actual words that were spoken. It's merely bad news that happened almost on the right day.

      You should have stayed with your former conviction. They were apparently right on.

      I would love to receive God's revelation, but it cannot be found here, other than in the Bible verses that are quoted. The rest is worrisome chatter that does not build up or encourage or give hope or cause repentance or accurately speak of God's judgment, for when he does judge it will not be to judge America, but to judge the entire world, including America. America is no worse than any other nation and no more deserving of judgment just because it MAY have started out with a few more Christians. It has veered no further from it's supposed Christian foundations than England or Sweden or Germany or Italy or Spain or France. All were once "Christian" nations that carried the cross into the crusades, that had national churches, that had enormous populations that called themselves Christian. Many were devout Christians; others Christian in name only, there just as here in America.

      It has never been different. America has always been rugged and wild and immoral around the edges and in the middle. Amongst all that have been some devout Christians. There still are. Probably more than in Europe. So, why would God judge America more harshly than Canada or Mexico or the numerous other nations that have been just as Christian in the past as America was.

      His word does not say he is coming to judge America. That is all NONSENSE -- false prophecy. His actual prophetic word says that he is coming to judge the entire world -- America, Italy, England, Israel, Palestine, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Africa ... on and on. Nothing in his word says he si coming to judge one nation more than another.

      Maybe if you take Babylon the Great as a reference to America, but we don't know that is what it means. It could just as easily be Rome, which fit every word of Revelation's description and which was called Babylon back in Peter and Paul's day ... and which ISIS now avows it will destroy because it is seen as the Capitol of Christendom. Many say of a false form of Christianity (the false prophet) So, Babylon the Great may very well be Rome. IN which case, America is not even bothered to be mentioned in biblical prophecy. It is just a part of the world, and we only think it should be mentioned because we're so self-centered; but why not England and the British Empire, instead of America? That has already largely crumbled into fragments.

  3. "The dates are set, times have been determined."

    Yes, they were set as February 2nd, 3rd and 23rd. I'm sure as you wrote this you even figured that 23rd would be one of the dates the prophecy may be pointing to.

    "You will see My hand sweeping across one nation after another as My judgements pour forth. "

    But we saw nothing at all. We did not see the rage of men or acts of violence or events that looked like Ferguson. Later when the ground of the prophecy suddenly shifted -- when it became clear no such angry events were happening in America that were getting even the slightest attention -- we didn't see the great economic crash on the 23rd that the prediction was changed to. No great economic "calamity."

    ":Eyes will see and fill with tears for what is being done and what could have been avoided. "

    But no eyes did, and there were no tears. There was no repeat of a Ferguson type of event. There was no heartbreak across America. The stock market continued to decline as it had been doing for a month prior to the prophecies. It fell less on the 23rd of February than it had on several other days before and after the prophecy was made.

    And so there was also nothing to avoid. No one who needed to hear the prophecy did that we know of. That is to say, none of the people that the prophecy pretends to judge heard it; so, of course they didn't change their ways. America doesn't even know these silly false prophecies exist. Only a very small number of Christians who have no reason to repent to avoid God's judgment are aware of them.

    "My people"

    Who would that be? Christians? All Christians? Americans? All Americans? Is this or has it ever been a Christian nation? Christians like to think it was but I seem to recall many years of tales of the wild west that certainly don't sound very Christian, and that was a long time ago.

    "My people have chosen disobedience and rebellion and now their fate has been determined."

    How were they God's people if they always chose rebellion? Are these Christians who have become apostate? All Christians or Americans who were not Christians and therefore, couldn't very well have chosen to rebel as God's people because they never were his people?

    "Time after time after time I called, but seldom did My people hear or respond."

    Why would they. The prophecies here ring like tinny gongs. They make a lot of noise and yield absolutely NO reliable results. Why would anyone listen to them. I sat silently for a month and listened and watched to see if any of those that gave times came true, and there was not a single word of truth in anything they predicted.

    Why WOULD people listen to such words that are all noise and clutter -- all glitter but no gold?