The Heavens Declare the Glory of God, the Firmament the Work of His Hand

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God, the Firmament the Work of His Hand

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

"The glory of the LORD has departed the churches in America and around the world. Most care nothing for truth, choosing instead hype, hollering and tolerant trash passed off as praise and the preaching of My Word. How you have fallen so far away. Broken pieces, pottery without a potter. Soon it will turn, soon The Rock will begin to crush those who have chosen to stand on shifting sand. Get ready My little ones, get ready for the fall out coming soon.

What is coming will shake the faith of many. Those whose Sunday salvation ends at midnight will not survive the harsh testings. Sadly they have not taken the time to be still and know that I AM God and now time has slipped by leaving them with a weak anchor in the midst of a very great storm.  Too late, too late.

January, 2016 will usher in the beginning of sorrows for the world."

"The harvest is past, the summer has ended, and we are not saved." Jeremiah 8:20

"Desolation is left in the city; the gates are battered into ruins." Isaiah 24:12  
As I finished typing this post, while praying about scriptures to add the LORD reminded me of Job. Job a righteous man severely tested yet through great trials and heartache remained faithful. Will we be as Job, or faulter and fail in the time of our testing?


  1. Strange fire and mixture in the churches.

    And those who bow down on the housetops to the host of heaven, And those who bow down and swear to the LORD and yet swear by Milcom (Molech), Zephaniah 1:5

    Increasing clarity of judgment parallels: wicked, apostate Israel and America. God's only two covenant nations. Invasion and destruction.

    O Lord, forgive us. In wrath, remember mercy.

    1. I am sensing also that both covenant nations are destined for much heartache and woe due to our rebellion and disobedience. Neither will get a pass. Thank you for your comment and indeed please LORD, in your wrath remember mercy. LORD bless.