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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

'Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will never pass away.' Luke 21:33

Brighter minds...yea clearer thinkers than I, have in times past spoken Truth, shouted out the good news, sounded a clarion call to move out of complacency into commitment. Yet the world and the church continue spiraling downward. Where once the good news was shared now the voice of hirelings and slick talking shepherds resound from the pulpit.

War, oh yes we are in a war...a war for the souls of man, ours included. Satan, the hater of all good, desires to kill, steal and destroy God' creation. Will you join the army of the redeemed, become Armed and Dangerous, or stand on the sidelines shaking your head and wringing your hands in fear and trembling? The time to enlist was yesterday. The time to decide is now.

 It was never my intent to begin a new blog nor did I have plans to continue writing this one. Laying pen and pad down I was content to read, study and pray...with no intent to write. Today, while reading an email from a minister friend I felt the nudging of Holy Spirit. I prayed;  'If You so will, LORD I surrender to your great will. Do as You desire - Your will be done.'

Armed and Dangerous was birthed from the heart of God...He spoke into my spirit both 'Armed and Dangerous' and the scripture. His will, His way must take precedence in our lives.

The road ahead is not clearly marked so I will walk by faith and not by sight, knowing He will guide. In the coming weeks my prayer is to become armed and dangerous as I read, study and pray against the plans of satan, the hater of all good. Please join me as together we tear down strongholds, fight the good fight of faith and become ARMED and DANGEROUS in the service of our LORD.

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