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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Revival without repentance is like a clanging bell or a noisy cymbal -

The Toronto Blessing, Brownsville, Pensacola, Lakeland all man made ‘revivals’ - Rodney Howard Brown, Todd Bentley, John Wimber… sound but no substance.

Tim Keller explains: “revivals are “seasons in which the ordinary operations of the Holy Spirit are intensified.” No repentance there.

One website ask:

“What will happen if one individual or one small congregation had a hunger for revival with a great harvest of souls and a hunger to see God do the miraculous? What would happen if God's people tarried and prayed like they did in the Book of Acts where they stayed on their faces before God until the breakthrough came? In Acts 1 and 2 they "all continued with one accord in prayer and supplication. They were all with one accord in one place." What a prayer meeting! What a revival! No repentance there either.

False converts, the “it’s all about me generation” fill the pews and parking lots of mega churches across America every Sunday -

Lakewood Church/Joel Osteen 43,500+
North Point Ministries/Andy Stanley 30,982+
Willow Creek Community Church/Bill Hybles 24,200+
Saddleback Church/Rick Warren 18,884+++

From Tim Keller’ endorsement of Contemplative Spirituality, to Joel Osteen’ best life now books and sermons, to Rick Warren’ stand with Islam, it’s hard to tell the sheep from the goats whether they sit in pews or stand at pulpits. All lead the undiscerning, disobedient parishioner down the wide path to his death and destruction by their unbiblical teaching and preaching.

Revival without repentance is not possible, but then perhaps one need ask “what is meant by revival and what exactly is one attempting to revive?”


  1. The problem is that these people think MAN can force the Holy Spirit to bring about a revival - as if they can control and manipulate God. This is what we have seen in all the false revivals with the slaying in the spirit, the rolling on the ground "soaking," animal noises, "holy ghost laughter" and all such nonsense - every bit of it from the flesh.

    Those who don't get so charismanic, such as the four you list, run the gamut from doing everything possible to make you feel good (Osteen) and not even think about sin, to the seeker-sensitive/market-driven approach to entertain the goats.

    And yet none of them discuss the need for repentance - let alone talk about sin in general. To them, Jesus is our best friend, and he loves everybody no matter what sins they may be committing because Jesus overlooks and tolerates it all.

    And the pastors of "real" churches don't want to step on peoples' toes by exposing these goatherds for what they are, and so their congregants buy all the books of these teachers.

    And we wonder why this country is in such a spiritual mess!

  2. amen and AMEN.!!. Sadly, the masses care little about the lost state of their souls or the spiritual state of the church.

    There are so many "goatherds" both past and present yet the church cries out for revival.!!!. Thus my question, what do they hope to revive.???.

    The ones I listed, only the tip of a very LARGE iceberg.