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Friday, June 28, 2013

Worldly philosophies bring enslavement to Satan’s strategies.

“…while we were children, we were held in bondage under the elemental things of the world.” Galatians 4:3

“One of the churches jobs is to teach and to train. Our LORD insisted that we “make disciples” - believers that are every growing, learning and maturing. It is not enough just to bring people into the Kingdom. The Church must bring those that have been “born again” into obedience. The “new birth” is the beginning - not the end.

The Church has the task of training people to take their place as warriors in the battle. We must become growing, maturing adults in God’ army; learning righteousness and obedience, learning to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.” Henry M. Morris III-ICR

With God all things are possible. We must never forget the greater our awareness of the importance, the wonder and the awesomeness of our God’ power through faith in His Son, His Word and His Faithfulness, the stronger our own spiritual strength, faith and trust will be. We must study to show ourselves approved of God. God has made us a new creation, created in righteousness and true holiness.

We have the Holy Spirit within us; the Power with which God raised Jesus from the dead. We cannot compromise. We cannot tolerate anything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. We must speak up when we see sin entering the church disguised as tolerance, ecumenicalism or a new revelation. We must sound the alarm pointing out error and warning the sheep when we hear false doctrine spewed from pulpit or airway touted as truth.

In a world that is dying and going to hell, we must be part of the solution.


  1. Amen! We speak God's truth, and make sure we let sinners know, 'this is the word of the Lord'. This will not be popular, but we are not called to be popular. We are called to be followers of Christ, going where He sends us speaking His word of truth. Those who fear the Lord and not man will stand firm and will not compromise.

  2. I believe the recent ruling of the supreme court will greatly affect the true church in America. The true followers of our LORD Jesus must make a choice - Will we stand for truth as did Queen Esther or bow the knee to the world and the ways of Satan.???.

    It appears the government and supreme court are in the process of squelching our rights in order to further the work of evil; we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but... May God give us the strength to stand and stand strong.

  3. I envision concentration camps for those who disagree with sanctioning homosexuality.

  4. Glenn,

    I think what you envision is a very real possibility, this will only lead to those who give mere lip service concerning Christ to side with the world and come against true followers of Christ. I pray we all stand firm.

  5. Looks like we all are on the same page.

    Concentration camps, called by another name, and very soon as it appears demonic powers are in warp speed mode. Sadly there are millions who are clueless as to what is just around the corner. Family, friend, neighbor, all waltzing thru life in this world of make believe. Gotta be a blogpost in here somewhere.!!. LOL -- ali

  6. Ali,

    I was just discussing this with my daughter on the way home from church. It is just like the days of Noah, everybody is clueless to what's building up all around them. They are busy with their everyday routines, it is life as usual. Where are those that would warn, those that would call this nation to repentance? There is such a deafening silence from the church, and at such a critical hour.

  7. In my quiet time I read:

    "Cowardly, wayward and weak, I change with the changing sky. Today so eager and strong, Tomorrow not caring to try. But He never gives in, And we two shall win -

    My Beloved Sweet Jesus and I."

    We the branch, His remnant, must cling to the Vine; sharing, caring and continuing to try. The task before us is overwhelming if we take our feet off The Rock or our eyes off The Word. We see danger, apathy and sin all around us. Corrie TenBoom wrote: 'I do not understand it yet, but trustingly I put my hand in His, knowing our Father does not make mistakes.'

    We must work while we can, where we can, when we can, sharing a smile, an encouraging word - praying always for guidance and direction. Indeed the separation of the wheat and the tares is happening within the church.

    I highly recommend her book "Not Good if Detached."