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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pride prevents us from doing things we know we should.

Forgiving others even if they don’t ask for our forgiveness. Never holding a grudge or allowing “I told you so” to escape our lips. Remaining silent when we know we are right. Saying “I’m sorry” quickly. As children of God, our desire is to follow Him and be obedient to all He has commanded us to do, but someone comes along and steps on our last nerve and our resolve all too quickly evaporates.

Pride easily sees the fault in others while overlooking the faults in ourselves. Pride allows us to speed without regard for legal limits, to push ahead of others when we are in a hurry, to judge others harshly, excusing ourselves for the same offense, to ‘bow our back’ when corrected, or….

We think more highly of ourselves than we ought, forgetting that
pride is a sin unto our God, and an abomination to our LORD.

To be more like Jesus, we must study to show ourselves approved unto God. Following the example of our LORD we must walk in the footsteps of our Master and our King.

David Wilkerson wrote:

“Pride is diminished as we strive to be His servants. Paul wrote that to say we are a son is correct, but he who loves his Father must also choose to be the clay in the Masters hand.

A servant has no will of his own; his master's word is his will. The cross represents the death of all our own plans, ideas, desires, hopes, pride, vanity, dreams, all anger and bitterness, unforgiveness, resentment - and the death of our will.”

As children of God we must be willing to lay down our lives, to take up our cross, and be determined to finish the race set before us; with joy, gratitude and praise.

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